Winning the buy box 260

Winning the Buy Box

How are you winning the sales on Amazon? Winning the buy box might be just what you need. Listen to Kevin as he explains what it is, its importance, and how you can work your way around it!

“Even if you are private labeling — even if you are the only seller of a product — it’s important to understand how Amazon calculates this buy box.” – Kevin Rizer

What is the buy box?

The buy box is important to sellers. It is an algorithm that Amazon uses to determine which seller is on the product detail page.

“Whichever seller is attached is winning the buy box.” – Kevin Rizer

When talking about it, however, remember that Amazon was designed for sellers to compete on price and sell the same product.

Factor #1: Item Price

There is no specific formula to win the buy box. But there are factors that Kevin discovered through testing and experimentation. One factor is the item price.

“Amazon loves to offer their customers the lowest price on items.” – Kevin Rizer

Oftentimes, sellers with the lowest price win. It comes with other considerations like seller ratings or feedback. With a good feedback, sellers have a higher chance of winning the buy box.

Factor #2: Length of Time

Another factor in winning the buy box is the length of time that a seller has been selling on Amazon. The more time you’ve spent selling, the more feedback you must have received.

But, it is not always the case. It takes time and patience for sellers to gain credibility.

To find out more about the Amazon buy box and how important it is to sellers, download and listen to Winning the Buy Box.

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