PLM 241 Listen & Learn Why I killed our Newsletter

Why I Killed Our Newsletter

Kevin introduces a different way of engaging with his audience. Despite the changes that transpired over the years, there’s still that desire to produce valuable, quality content. Be sure to listen to Why I Killed Our Newsletter to know what’s brewing.

Success in the Beginning

Kevin started this podcast in April of 2015 as the Private Label Podcast. One of the things he did was build an email list.

“It’s hard to believe all of the changes that have taken shape over the last two and a half years.” – Kevin Rizer

The first few results were great and the engagement was high. As PLP transitioned into PLM, however, the newsletter no longer became as efficient.

Not an Easy Task

Those newsletters usually contained tips and strategies. But it has become more challenging to communicate over the years.

“More and more people are not finding the newsletter as appealing.” – Kevin Rizer

On an average day, Kevin would receive a total of about 400 emails. He realized how it takes time to open valuable content and dive into it.

The Five Thing Friday

Open rates for email newsletters are down across the industry. In his desire to provide valuable content, Kevin is replacing the typical newsletter with something different.

“We want to listen to our audience and put out things that are useful.” – Kevin Rizer

He calls it The Five Thing Friday, which will contain interesting things of the week.

To learn more about The Five Thing Friday, download and listen to this episode on Why I Killed Our Newsletter. You can also find The Private Label Movement on iTunes and Stitcher.

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