PLM 249 Listen & Learn Why I Haven’t Taken A Stand on Sales Tax Amnesty

Why I Haven’t Taken a Stand on Sales Tax Amnesty

The amnesty program on Amazon has been around for months now. What are your thoughts about it so far? Kevin Rizer shares his Why I Haven’t Taken a Stand on Sales Tax Amnesty.

Power of the States

Earlier this year, Kevin heard about the sales tax amnesty program. He was hopeful that the states would get together and have a way of calculating.

“The only way to resolve this issue once and for all is for all 50 states to band together or for the Federal government to introduce some legislation.” – Kevin Rizer

But it was unlikely. The power was granted to the individual states. And each has its own law, its own way of the process.

Questions on the Sales Tax Amnesty

Instead of having answers to questions, however, there could be confusion on specific concerns.

“In some ways, depending on your interpretation, it creates more questions than it does answers.” – Kevin Rizer

There are questions like, Will those who entered the program be stuck with the agreement forever? And, what are they to do if there is a change in legislation?

Different Takes on the Program

There are varying opinions on the program. Those in favor argue that it will enable them to save money.

“It’s about determining Nexus and also about determining risks.” – Kevin Rizer

On the other hand, others argue that the third party sellers should not be responsible at all. They believe that the agreement is more like a consignment.

To learn about Kevin’s thoughts about it, download and listen to Why I Haven’t Taken a Stand on Sales Tax Amnesty. You can also find The Private Label Movement on iTunes and Stitcher.

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