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Let’s face it, Amazon is eating the world and software is eating the world. Jonathan Gabriel welcomes Troy Johnston, 7-figure Amazon seller and the co-founder of seller.tools, an Amazon software as a service. Today they’ll talk getting started, Amazon and where he’s at today.

A Circuitous Route to E-Commerce

Troy Johnston was working in the corporate world as a project manager. He and a co-worker were looking for ways to escape the typical 9-to-5 grind.

“Early on I was willing to fail and willing to build a brand…in a space that was relatively unknown.” – Troy Johnston

The rumblings of ASM and Amazon were still relatively new. Troy was intrigued with the prospect of private labeling a product, get it to Amazon and let their infrastructure drive the visibility.

Troy Johnston’s Comfort Zone

Troy got his start in the hard-goods fitness space. It was a natural fit with what interested him, what he was familiar with and really into at the time. There was not the perceived saturation then as there is now.

“Am I serving what Amazon rewards for visibility…that is the name of the game” Jonathan Gabriel

He learned what and what not to do when it came to sourcing and logistics. For Troy, it became very evident that domestically sourcing items was more advantageous for quality control.

Shifting Gears for QC

Through his desire for domestically sourced goods, he discovered health and beauty products. Troy became interested in single-ingredient, high-quality products without extra parts and pieces. He wanted to stick to the tried and true.

“In a saturated market, what’s different about your product…your brand?” – Troy Johnston

If he can check off all his criteria of a quality supplier and a quality product his products lend themselves to positive feedback.

To hear what Troy Johnston has to say about standing out among other Amazon sellers, positioning your brand and his move from FBA to the software and tool space, download and listen to the entire episode!

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