PLM 251 Troy Johnston Successful Amazon Brand Management to Consultant with ZonSpark

Troy Johnston Successful Amazon Brand Management to Consultant with ZonSpark

Troy Johnston embraced failures to find his success as a third-party seller. Surviving those lessons learned, he created a goal-centric roadmap for the success he shares as an Amazon consultant through Zon Spark.

“There’s always a nugget of insight when you allow yourself to fail.” – Troy Johnston

From the Corporate World to Amazon

Troy used to work in the corporate world as a project manager. His experiences paved the way for him to succeed in e-commerce.

“If you’ve got a great product…your customer service has to be on par.” – Troy Johnston

He started in 2013 when Amazon was just becoming popular. One thing he suggests to fellow entrepreneurs is this, “Understand your ultimate goal.”

Right Time to Sell Full-Time

The right time for Troy to become a full-time entrepreneur came when he discovered that he could earn as much from his business as from his corporate job.

Leveraging Amazon data has been the missing link for Amazon sellers.” – Troy Johnston on the importance of using seller tools to analyze the data available today

He had his own share of failures but there were also some things he is thankful for.

Competition in the Online Marketplace

When Troy started on Amazon, he did so out of free will and the opportunity available by leveraging the selling platform. Now, there is increased competition.

“The saturation today is forcing us to revert back to marketing altruisms.” – Troy Johnston

According to him, competition got so good and so quick. Consequently, there is a need to level up one’s game. And the saturation in the marketplace is pushing sellers to learn more about marketing.

To hear about Troy Johnston and his roadmap for success on Amazon, download and listen to the podcast.

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