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The Seasonality of Sales on Amazon

Many sellers often wonder if others are suffering from the seasonality of sales on Amazon. To help answer this question, Kevin discusses how sales is like in a typical year. He supplements this with some information from a chart by the Sponsored Products Academy.

The Seasonality of Sales on Amazon

Beginning of the Year

Sales in January looks pretty much like a roller coaster. It goes up on the first day and lands on the bottom by the end of the month.

“In any e-commerce company, there is seasonality involved. And there are lots of different factors that can impact sales.” – Kevin Rizer

This is mostly because people are shopping late for the holidays. They could be treating themselves, stocking up, or doing something else that they like.

Holidays and Sales

There are a number of holidays that impact sales from February to May. During February, it goes up a little bit because of Valentine’s Day.

“July, August, and the first part of September are typically the very slow response for various Amazon sellers.” – Kevin Rizer

March is just about the same because of the start of Spring. In early May, a number of people buy items for Mothers’ Day.

Selling on Prime Day

People are spending most of their time outdoors during Summer. Sellers have a challenge attracting them online.

“If you haven’t made a habit of participating in Prime Day, start planning now for next year.” – Kevin Rizer

Amazon saw the need to help sellers increase traffic and revenue. This is why Prime Day was launched. Kevin encourages sellers to join in the big event.

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