PLM 242 Taz Ahsan Getting Started as a Successful Amazon Seller

Taz Ahsan Getting Started as a Successful Amazon Seller

Taz Ahsan started with the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. He’s a successful Amazon seller but his motivation isn’t the money, it’s the thrill of success and the ability to provide for his family and helping others.

“My dreams have only grown as I’ve grown as a human…I want to give my family an amazing quality of life.” – Taz Ahsan

Early Days as an Entrepreneur

Taz always had the entrepreneurial spirit since childhood. He was around 8 or 9 years old when he was already bargaining with his parents. When he reached high school, he sold burned CDs in school.

“Learn what you need to know for the stage that you’re at.” – Taz Ahsan

He did not grow up in a wealthy family, and so had to take action to have the things he needed. That drove him to become successful as an entrepreneur.

The Drive to Succeed

Taz loves his family and wants to give them an amazing quality of life. He also has big dreams for others. Among which is starting a foundation for the children.

“I have massive dreams, I genuinely want to change the world.” – Taz Ahsan on his dream of helping children around the world

He sees a future where he would never want for anything. He sincerely wants to give more to help others.

Hustling His Face Off

Taz moved from the UK to the US. It was his dream to land a job in a big tech company.

“You’re just trading time for money…eventually it catches up with you.” – Taz Ahsan on the need to upgrade his business model

So, he worked hard for it until he finally made it in the US. He experienced switching roles and companies just to get to his dream.

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