Max Kolysh – Amazon to eBay and Dropship Arbitrage Extraordinaire 017

Max Kolysh, Founder and CEO of Zinc, shares the story of how they managed to dominate dropshipping arbitrage with their automation suites. How does Zinc continue to influence the e-commerce industry?

Max Kolysh – Walking the Path of a Startup

Max and his co-founder met when Max was finishing his master’s at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Max’s co-founder, a large eBay seller back in high school, developed some technologies that they thought to productize.

In a leap of faith, they applied to one of the top startup accelerators in San Francisco.

“We didn’t know what we were doing at the time. We thought we had a good idea and that we could sell it.” – Max Kolysh

Birth of Zinc Save

They dropped out of college when they got into the three-month startup program from which they received mentorship and advice. Their hard work culminated in a demo day where companies pitched to investors, much like in real life.

Halfway through the program, they pivoted from automation for affiliate marketers and switched to Zinc Save, a browser extension. Zinc Save was a way to save money on Amazon. This tool aimed to help people actually get the cheaper prices Amazon advertises on their website.

Embracing B2B Software

With Zinc Save’s combination of credit card rewards, discount codes, and a lot more, people managed to get their items at an actual reduced price. But two days into operations, Max and his colleague received a cease and desist order from Amazon.

This didn’t stop them from figuring out their next move. They reverted back to their roots, creating B2B software for e-commerce sellers. What started out as an outsourced service to cater to their first customer’s needs became a full-time endeavor.

“Part of early startup experience is talking to your customers a lot, listening to what they want.” – Max Kolysh

To hear more about the growth of Zinc and the birth of JoeLister and PriceYak, download and listen to the episode.

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