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Jonathan Gabriel looks back on The Best of Private Label Movement 2018 in episodes with Jeremy Sherk, Rob Kosberg, Chakra Yendapally and Nathan Lind.

There’s more to being successful at private label than just adding products to Amazon. Jonathan’s guests are successful entrepreneurs who have found thier niche in the online marketplace.

Listen in as his guests discuss the importance of choosing the right product, leveraging your expertise, bookkeeping for private label entrepreneurs and building relationships.

Jeremy Sherk Nested Naturals

Jeremy is an 8-figure entrepreneur, speaker, health nut, and Co-Founder and CEO at Nested Natural, an e-commerce supplement company.

He’s a best-seller pro that focuses on great products but also reinvests heavily into his business on Amazon and through other platforms where he can control his brand more readily.

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Rob Kosberg Best Seller Publishing

Rob was running a hundred-million-dollar real estate company when the recession hit and was forced to reinvent himself. Today, he’s the founder and CEO of Best Seller Publishing and he’s proud to say that he’s found a way to leverage his expertise to positively impact others.

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Chakra Yendapally Virtual Bookkeeping

Chakra is a 6-figure, soon-to-be 7-figure seller in Amazon. He created his own virtual bookkeeping company and talks about the importance of creating a brand.

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Nathan Lind Seller, Coach and Community Builder

Nate is a successful online seller that doesn’t just focus on Amazon. He has created relationships with affiliates to continue to push his products. Nate is insightful as a seller, a coach and entrepreneur.

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Jeremy Sherk 8-Figure Amazon Nested Naturals Supplement Entrepreneur 005

Jonathan talks with Jeremy Sherk today. He’s an 8-figure entrepreneur, speaker, health nut, and Co-Founder and CEO at Nested Natural, an e-commerce supplement company.

Hustling From a Young Age

Jeremy grew up just outside of Toronto in the eastern part of Canada. As a young kid, he was always hustling to mow lawns or running a paper route to make money.

HIs clearest memory of the entrepreneurial bug was his senior year in high school. Jeremy had started reading self-development books and really got into self-teaching and self-learning. He had moved beyond the typical high school curriculum that prepares you for college.

An Entrepreneur’s Mindset

College was not the route Jeremy took and he considers himself extremely lucky that his parents were supportive of his decisions.

After a few hard labor factory jobs, Jeremy started bar-tending and traveling. He was making great money for a 20-year-old but after attending a seminar, he began his online journey.

Starting With Info Products

Jeremy attended a seminar in 2003 with some of the big names in internet marketing like Cory Rudl. They stood on stage and talked about the great lifestyle they were living with e-books, funnels and Google Ad-words.

“I want to do something beyond what I am seeing out there. I want to offer a product I believe in.” – Jeremy Sherk

His first attempt as an entrepreneur was writing a bartending e-book. He had been encouraged to write about what could provide value. For Jeremy, that was a how-to bartending guide about how to land the job and make money.

Feast or Famine

While Jeremy was getting involved in info products he also did a little designing and copywriting.  From 2004-2011 Jeremy was grinding away with lots of short-term projects with no long-term sustainability.

Mentally, it was feast and famine during this time of his life. There were a lot of hard lessons learned and a deep level of debt.

Looking for Fulfillment

The short-term mindset led to his desire to find some long-term sustainability and fulfillment in general. It was not just about living for a bank account.

“Opportunity, it’s about being the right person at the right place at the right time.” – Jeremy Sherk

It was a bit lonely with the short-term approach to life. There was absolute freedom but there are a lot of downsides that people just don’t speak about enough.

Jeremy was living in Thailand, living the dream but it wasn’t enough. About 6 months in, the depression really started to creep in.

To hear about Jeremy’s 3 years in Thailand, a chance meeting with Ryan Moran and how he made his successful move to selling online, download and listen to the episode!

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