Max Kolysh – Amazon to eBay and Dropship Arbitrage Extraordinaire 017

Max Kolysh, Founder and CEO of Zinc, shares the story of how they managed to dominate dropshipping arbitrage with their automation suites. How does Zinc continue to influence the e-commerce industry?

Max Kolysh – Walking the Path of a Startup

Max and his co-founder met when Max was finishing his master’s at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Max’s co-founder, a large eBay seller back in high school, developed some technologies that they thought to productize.

In a leap of faith, they applied to one of the top startup accelerators in San Francisco.

“We didn’t know what we were doing at the time. We thought we had a good idea and that we could sell it.” – Max Kolysh

Birth of Zinc Save

They dropped out of college when they got into the three-month startup program from which they received mentorship and advice. Their hard work culminated in a demo day where companies pitched to investors, much like in real life.

Halfway through the program, they pivoted from automation for affiliate marketers and switched to Zinc Save, a browser extension. Zinc Save was a way to save money on Amazon. This tool aimed to help people actually get the cheaper prices Amazon advertises on their website.

Embracing B2B Software

With Zinc Save’s combination of credit card rewards, discount codes, and a lot more, people managed to get their items at an actual reduced price. But two days into operations, Max and his colleague received a cease and desist order from Amazon.

This didn’t stop them from figuring out their next move. They reverted back to their roots, creating B2B software for e-commerce sellers. What started out as an outsourced service to cater to their first customer’s needs became a full-time endeavor.

“Part of early startup experience is talking to your customers a lot, listening to what they want.” – Max Kolysh

To hear more about the growth of Zinc and the birth of JoeLister and PriceYak, download and listen to the episode.

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Earnest Epps 6-Figure High Ticket Drop Shipping 012

Earnest Epps is a life-long entrepreneur and salesman. After losing his corporate position, within 30 days he self-taught himself and created the Earnest Approach to dropshipping high ticket items from US manufacturers.

NFL Dreams

Earnest had a bit of a mindset when he entered college. His mother had pushed him to pick a specialty and focus on that during college. Because of his mother’s encouragement, Earnest chose IT and technology.

Football was his main reason for going to college and his choice was based upon a path to the NFL and not the educational opportunities. Unfortunately, before he ever got to play in college, Earnest’s dreams of going to the NFL were smashed due to injuries.

Earnest Epps Hustling to Succeed

Not knowing what to do, he started knocking on doors and passing out flyers for a remodeling company. He soon learned the art of setting up leads for sales in order to earn commission checks.

If I can get (that first) sale, I can figure it out from there. – Earnest Epps venturing into e-commerce

Earnest’s passion to succeed led him to first succeed at selling, then training, hiring and eventually running a team. His success led to his promotion to marketing director at the age of 22.

Envisioning Himself as CEO

His job success gave him the skill set to move on to a position as a sales director for a marketing company whose clients were multi-billion dollar companies. From 2009 – 2015, Earnest was managing about 100 employees on the east coast. When he was fired, it crushed his soul.

The trajectory for US online sales is projected to be $600 billion dollars by the year 2021. – Earnest Epps

For two years, Earnest was going through the motions in a state of depression. He had invested everything in that company for his and the company’s success. He was certain he was going to be the CEO and work there for the next 40 years.

Earnest had always tried small side ventures on his own. He had never taken them seriously because his position in corporate America was so good to him. He felt like he had it all.

Finding His Piece of the E-Commerce Pie

For two years Earnest was stuck. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the work ethic or the right skill sets, he just didn’t know what he wanted to do. While scrolling through Facebook, an ad for e-commerce and dropshipping popped up. At first, he was really skeptical and was unsure he could make money at it.

Take the same energy and effort for your boss on a full-time basis…and just do it for yourself. – Earnest Epps

When he came across an article forecasting the growth of online sales that convinced him to try and get himself a piece of the pie. Earnest set his mind towards succeeding online and began by focusing to get his first customer.

When dropshipping is discussed, it’s usually around super low-end stuff but Earnest took a different route. To hear the rest of his journey, download and listen to the episode.

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