Nathan Hirsch 8-Figure Seller Turned Outsourcing Expert 011

Nathan Hirsh is a veteran Amazon seller with over 25 million in sales. He’s currently the founder and CEO of FreeeUp an online outsourcing company.

Ever Evolving E-commerce

When Nathan started it was him and two other people on every listing. Sometimes there wasn’t anyone else to compete with. Today, that’s unheard of.

Nathan’s business model is drop-shipping which has become harder and harder to do through Amazon. Sellers must do it by creating their own stores and driving traffic to it.

“Turnover is expensive. Once you find the people that are the core parts of your business, figure out how you keep them.” – Nathan Hirsch on the importance of each position within a company

He didn’t even know what private label was until about six years into selling on Amazon. Today, that’s where everyone gets started and you have all of the gurus who sell massive volumes on Facebook and social media.

Amazon’s Rule Changes

This is probably the biggest change to e-commerce. When Nathan started it was your cancellation rate and your refund rate. Now, it seems as if a new metric is added every six months.

“I’ve always looked at everything as a ticking time-bomb and what is the window.” – Nathan Hirsch on new opportunities

Because of all the changes, reviews are harder to obtain, it’s harder to follow Amazon’s FBA price changes and now you have sales tax. All of the rule changes have changed the dynamic of selling on Amazon.

Nathan Hirsch Textbook Reseller

Nathan made his first sales with textbooks. During his college career, at the end of each semester, he would buy up textbooks.

“What am I the best at and how do I spend my time doing that? – Nathan Hirsch on outsourcing

Initially, he sold on Book Scouter where they would compare prices between Amazon and every other bookstore online. Nathan would sell his books to the highest paying retail for them to resell. Because of Amazon’s improvements, he opened his first online store to sell directly to the open market.

Baby Product Niche

Due to his success selling books, Nathan was hooked on selling products online and the inherent opportunities. He tried his hand at several items like video games and failed miserably. Just because he failed did not mean he would give up.

While still in college, Nathan stumbled upon a baby product opportunity and was soon listing products online during his classes. Before he knew it, at 20 years old, he was running a multi-million dollar baby product business.

“With all of Amazon’s changes, it felt like we were treading water, we were not growing.” – Nathan Hirsch on his decision to move on from Amazon

When Nathan started selling his products there were no keywords, he was just posting items and seeing what would stick. His profits were doubling each year until mass competition moved in. They were still making money but they were not growing.

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Mark Lewyn 6-Figure Amazon Seller and Founder of 008

Mark Lewyn is a 6-figure Amazon seller and founder of He began his career a journalist and soon realized he needed to change directions as the technology and the internet grew. His software enables Amazon sellers to research patents to help them find new products to launch.

Hitting the Bullseye

Mark began investing with a few startups and over time found his way to the world of Amazon selling. In 2015, Mark launched his first product, darts, on Amazon.

His strategy was looking at the data and he was amazed at how many darts they sold on Amazon. He had never even played the game nor has he since.

You don’t want to violate anyone’s patent, ever. – Mark Lewyn

Research is King for Mark Lewyn

He took notice of the issues with darts and thought he could fix the problems. His first product was a significant success that gave him the encouragement to try it again and again and again.

Mark had been investing in startups and liked the idea of not having to go out and raise a lot of money. He’s made a lot of mistakes along the way but he’s been right more often than wrong.

Researching The Relative Cost of Products

For his product research, Mark uses Jungle Scout a lot. Once he narrows down a product he does a little bit of research for that specific product.

During his research, he’s come across really high-priced products that were expensive relative to what they were. For instance, an airline seatbelt for kids. Essentially it was a glorified seatbelt for kids.

The seatbelt sold for $80.00 and they were selling a bunch because there was no competition. Mark Lewyn quickly figured out it was expensive because it had a patent on it.

The Power of Patents

There are two major types of patents…design…and utility patent. – Mark Lewyn

He looked at the patent and it was about to expire. He found a manufacturer that was selling the same thing for $5.00 on Ali Baba. If he would have taken the Ali Baba product and sold it on Amazon, it would have been a mess of trouble with patent lawsuits.

Timing is Everything

Mark launched his product on the day the patent expired. He was following the law and was able to capture a lot of the margin the guy who was selling it for $80.00 was capturing.

There’s always a bull market somewhere; there’s always a new opportunity. – Jonathan Gabriel

He kept coming across products that were similar in that their patents were about to expire and began to build a database.

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John Cant Rising Sun Commerce Amazon Japan Specialist 007

Many Amazon sellers consider selling overseas to increase their market. Today, John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce tells us why Japan is so great for Amazon sellers.

The Japanese Online Marketplace

John Cant lived in Japan for five years from 2005-2010. In terms of Amazon, Japan was books and music driven Recently it has really changed.

Japan is now third biggest behind the US, German and has just overtaken the UK in terms of Amazon sales. Rakuten used to be the largest online provider in Japan but now they are about on even grounds as Amazon outpaces Rakuten’s growth.

Demographics Pushing Changes

Minimalism wins stateside and in the UK but in Japan the more information you can cram onto a site and the brighter the colors the better. Rakuten follows that design style.

John’s friends in Japan say they like the ‘calmer’ look of Amazon and that’s part of the push from Rakuten to Amazon.

Japan Naturally Lends Itself to Prime

Japan has always had a really good infrastructure. You can get around really quickly and now Amazon offers Prime Same-Day in many of the larger cities like Tokyo.

Because Amazon Japan is growing quickly, it’s not a very saturated market. It’s much easier to grow steadily and with less risk.


Officially from Amazon you are supposed to have Japanese packaging. If you’re new to the market and just testing it out, you can put in a Japanese flyer and still be ok.

The flyer provides a nice customer experience but at the same time, you are not having to re-design all of your packaging.

The buying decision is made on Amazon and from the customer’s point of view. If the goods arrive as expected and as ordered on Amazon, they don’t need packaging in their own language.

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