PLM 208 How Casting a Wide Net is the Secret to Success – Seth Stevens

How Casting a Wide Net is the Secret to Success – Seth Stevens

Seth Stevens is a wildly successful Amazon seller that has grown his business from $2.5MM in annual sales in 2014 to the $20MM mark in 2016 with the help of his partner Shawn Hart. They started with generic listings and soon began to focus solely on private label but they didn’t focus on one single item, they cast a wide net.

The Start of a Business

Seth started as Shawn’s employee. He secretly ran an exact copy of Shawn’s eCommerce business. He eventually parted from Shawn since his business did well.

“I was [kind of worried] to share it to him. I assumed that somebody could just get straight and copy it and knock it off would mean you’re dead. But, he [Shawn] was just the exact opposite.” -Seth Stevens

They met again years later. That’s when Seth showed Shawn about his copycat business. To his surprise, Shawn got excited with it instead of getting upset.

Excitement Kicks Off

Seth thinks that Shawn tried to share his knowledge. He just stopped sharing because nobody seemed to act on what they’ve learned.

“If someone is willing to knock off exactly what you are doing that feels pretty good.” -Seth Stevens

That is why Shawn became excited when Seth took action. He found somebody willing to do what he said. Shawn had just sold his company when he and Seth met that time.

The Start of a Partnership

Shawn didn’t have a lot to do. He was just selling random stuffs on Amazon. Seth immediately started copying him again.

“We kind of had the same interests, and really connected.” -Seth Stevens

When he told Shawn about it, excitement increased. That’s how they started in business together.

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