PLM 253 Robert Roberti Selling Perishable Products on Amazon

Robert Roberti Selling Perishable Products on Amazon

Robert Roberti has a passion for food that’s grown from a brick and mortar into a successful online business. He’s become an expert on selling perishable products on Amazon that he shares on his YouTube channels.

“The beauty of having to make a product as it is ordered eliminates waste…it keeps the business model lean.” – Robert Roberti on why he prefers online sales to his brick and mortar storefront

Early Years in Business

Robert has had about five or six businesses since his early 20s. In his first business, he did charity works with musicians.

The artists would craft their own paintings and sign them. Robert would then go and sell them. But, it was not successful.

Lessons in the Journey

Robert loved food in general. He worked in retail for 24 years. But, he yearned to take a more specific route.

“There’s a way of leveraging a co-packer or private labeler who can put your label on your product.” – Robert Roberti

From his experiences, he learned the importance of character. According to him, it takes discipline and patience to succeed.

From Brick and Mortar to E-commerce

A couple of years after, Robert opened a brick and mortar bakery. He would sell pastries and other food items.

“I don’t focus on the buy box, I focus on a product that is unique … so I can attract (buyers).” – Robert Roberti

He tapped into the things he knew. And that was how he started selling online.

To hear about Robert Roberti and his success in selling perishable products on Amazon, download and listen to the podcast.

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