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What would you do if overnight, your profits went from millions to zero? This happened to Rob Kosberg. Rob ran a hundred-million-dollar real estate company when the recession hit and was forced to reinvent himself. Today, he’s the founder and CEO of Best Seller Publishing and he’s proud to say that he’s found a way to leverage his expertise to positively impact others.

Rob Kosberg Hustling to Success

Rob was raised in Washington D.C. where his family owned Texaco gas stations on Pennsylvania Ave. He got his start as a car guy watching his dad and grandpa build and race cars out of the garages. It wasn’t the traditional path to becoming an entrepreneur but it had planted the seed for Rob.

While working through college, Rob got his real estate license at the age of 18. He was on the phone all day hustling through the for sale by owners and expired listings. By the second month, he was the top agent and was questioning his path to law school.

“Don’t write an autobiography or memoire, no one cares…put your story into the needs the pains the challenges of your ideal client” – Rob Kosberg

Like most entrepreneurs, Rob has never worked a single day in his degree. Because of his success in real estate, he did not attend law school and instead continued in real estate working for his dad from 18-22.

He made the leap to the largest mortgage lender in the country. Due to the leap, he was able to expand his opportunities and income. As an entrepreneur of sorts, he controlled his destiny but in essence, he was still working for someone else. That lead to opening his own real estate, title and mortgage company.

Economy Nose-Dive

Nobody anticipated a 60% drop in real estate values. Roughly 10 years later, South Florida still hasn’t recovered. His company was crushed and he was pouring 100’s of 1000’s of his own money into the company to keep it afloat until the market turned around. The only loans at the time were government funded and Rob’s company was doing none of that.

“The fun part for me is the engagement with people…wanting to get books to do something cool for their business…keeps me motivated and excited.” – Rob Kosberg

He went from a 100-million-dollar a year company to zero. If it had only dropped half, Rob probably could have survived.  The death knell was he could no longer finance loans.

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