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It was August of 2016. I was visiting my parents, who had a few friends over at their house, when my Dad said to me “Kevin, tell them about that thing you’re doing”.

As someone who has seen my business endeavors grow over the past three years to nearly a dozen different companies and entities, I needed some clarification. “What do you mean?”, I asked.

“You know, that thing online — the blog thing”. Knowing that we didn’t have a blog, I assumed he was referring to the podcast — Private Label Podcast.

As I spent the next few minutes trying to explain the hobby that I’d started back in 2015, I found it… difficult. I talked through the podcast, and the events, and the social media following that was building online.

After a few minutes, one of my parents’ friends blurted out “It’s really more like a movement, it sounds like.”

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. What had started as a podcast had become so much more. The word podcast seemed…inadequate. Sure, it was a huge part of what we had built, but it no longer described all that what we were doing had become.

So that is the story behind the beginning of the change that you are now witness to. It would take a few months to assemble the right team to make it all happen. Four months would go by until we would settle on a new name — borrowed from that conversation back in August. Six months would pass before we had a new logo, and eight months would elapse before we were ready to share what we’d been working on with the world.

The reasons for the change were almost as plentiful as the possibilities that this re-imagining created. We wanted to give ourselves more possibilities to create content — through video, and collaboration with others. We wanted to have the opportunity to expand our reach into other circles, and bring more people into the fold through events. And we wanted to look forward, to forever set our sights not on what is now in the past, but what is yet to come.

Most importantly, we wanted to honor you. We were constantly reminded — through every podcast download, every interaction on social media, and every story of a person who’s life and business had been altered in some way — that this was not about us, it was about you. Your stories, your dreams, your triumphs and yes some failures too. What we had built together was not about a simple podcast, it was about a movement. The Private Label Movement.

—Stay Tuned
May 7, 2017
Allen, TX

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