Private Label Movement 2.0

Nate Lind 7-Figure Ecommerce Seller, Coach and Community Builder 010

Nate Lind is a successful online seller that doesn’t just focus on Amazon. He has created relationships with affiliates to continue to push his products. Nate is insightful as a seller, a coach and entrepreneur. He’s here to share his knowledge with Jonathan on today’s episode of the Private Label Podcast. Nate Lind Working for theRead the full article..

Private Label Movement 2.0

Charka Yendapally 6-Figure Amazon Seller and Founder of Jungle Books 009

When a young adult flies to the US with no support or family and only 150 bucks to his name, what does he do? On today’s episode, Chakra Yendapally walks us through the tale of how he became the 6-figure, soon-to-be 7-figure seller in Amazon. He also shares how he founded his own virtual bookkeepingRead the full article..

Private Label Movement 2.0

Mark Lewyn 6-Figure Amazon Seller and Founder of 008

Mark Lewyn is a 6-figure Amazon seller and founder of He began his career a journalist and soon realized he needed to change directions as the technology and the internet grew. His software enables Amazon sellers to research patents to help them find new products to launch. Hitting the Bullseye Mark began investing withRead the full article..

Private Label Movement 2.0

John Cant Rising Sun Commerce Amazon Japan Specialist 007

Many Amazon sellers consider selling overseas to increase their market. Today, John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce tells us why Japan is so great for Amazon sellers. The Japanese Online Marketplace John Cant lived in Japan for five years from 2005-2010. In terms of Amazon, Japan was books and music driven Recently it has really changed.Read the full article..

Rob Kosberg Best Seller Publishing, Publish, Promote, Profit from YOUR Story 006

What would you do if overnight, your profits went from millions to zero? This happened to Rob Kosberg. Rob ran a hundred-million-dollar real estate company when the recession hit and was forced to reinvent himself. Today, he’s the founder and CEO of Best Seller Publishing and he’s proud to say that he’s found a way toRead the full article..