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Shawn Lebaron 57:50 July 1, 2015

Episode 5

Shawn Lebaron Sold $1.5 Million on Shopify Last Year, But That Wasn’t Good Enough

EPISODE OVERVIEW Shawn discussed how he started his own business selling physical products with his own Shopify store in 2014 and quickly reached $1.5 million in sales. Next, he and his business partner decided to expand the business into Amazon, and didn’t know what to expect. They were quite surprised when only 6 months later…

Tina Traver 33:32 June 29, 2015

Episode 4

Tina Traver – Realtor & Grandmother Builds 7 Figure Business Selling on Amazon

EPISODE OVERVIEW Tina discusses going from selling homes to selling physical products on Amazon. Tina shares about quality control issues that threatened to sink her new business and how she fought to overcome them. She goes into detail about providing extraordinary customer service, shares what her business has meant in terms of lifestyle, allowing her…

Marcia Stellpflug 00:32:03 June 24, 2015

Episode 3

Marcia Stellpflug – Mom, Former Finance Exec Goes “All In” on Amazon Private Label Business

EPISODE OVERVIEW Marcia shares with us her journey into Private Labeling. She tackles being a Mom, and discusses the freedoms and pitfalls this type of business provides. One of the things Marcia contributes to her success is partnering with someone with considerable Asia sourcing skills, and she goes into depth about this. Important Links from…

Kellianne Fedio 00:43:37 June 22, 2015

Episode 2

Kellianne Fedio – Attorney & Mom Shares Her Story of Building a Lifestyle Business to Finally Give Her the Freedom She Has Always Wanted

EPISODE OVERVIEW Kellianne discusses leaving her career as an attorney to have more time to focus on her family, and the ups and downs of what came next – network and internet marketing. She shares about her journey into private labeling, and discusses product selection, adding value and the importance of finding a way to…

Kevin Pasco 00:45:12 June 17, 2015

Episode 1

Kevin Pasco – From Zero to Million Dollar Business on Amazon in Less Than a Year at 22 Years Old

EPISODE OVERVIEW Kevin Pasco is a man after my own heart. Like myself, Kevin started his entrepreneurial journey young, while he was still a teenager. Unlike myself, Kevin managed to build a million dollar business at the age of 22. Kevin and his business partner started selling on Amazon about a year ago, and while…


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