The PLM Podcast offers the best balance of very specific guidance and benchmarking discussion from sellers who have made it big. I'm a fan!

James Thomson

Former business head of Amazon Services


I am regularly having well beyond $150k months now, and I attribute almost all my success to Kevin's mentoring and actionable advice. He's changed my life!

Brian Burt

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Brian Burt November 20, 2017

Episode 257

Brian Burt Private Label Success through Influencer Marketing

Brian Burt Private Label Success through Influencer Marketing It’s the talk of the town. Brian Burt released a new e-course that covers the same strategies he used to build his million-dollar business on Amazon. Listen as he talks about these strategies, and learn how you too can have success through influencer marketing. An exciting treat…

7:53 November 15, 2017

Episode 256 / Listen and Learn 103

Amazon Europe: Why or Why Not?

Amazon Europe: Why or Why Not? For a couple of months now, Kevin has been considering to expand his business into Europe. He’s got big goals lined up for 2018. Listen to him share his insights about Amazon Europe: why or why not? “I am really excited about the opportunities in Europe. We see a…

Gianni Munday 48:16 November 13, 2017

Episode 255

The Best of PLM Gianni Munday Expanding into Amazon Europe

Gianni Munday Ever thought about expanding your private label business into Amazon’s European marketplaces? In this episode, Kevin welcomes Gianni Munday to the show to discuss the ins and outs of “Crossing the Pond” and expanding into and If this is on your to-do list, you can’t miss this episode! “The door to…

12:08 November 8, 2017

Episode 254 / Listen and Learn 102

Private Label Productivity Tips

EPISODE OVERVIEW Kevin Shares His Top 3 Productivity Tips It’s so easy as an entrepreneur to get overwhelmed and feel like you are spinning your wheels. In this episode, Kevin shares his top 3 Private Label Productivity Tips that are sure to have you accomplish more in less time, in no time at all. That…

Robert Roberti 36:29 November 6, 2017

Episode 253

Robert Roberti Selling Perishable Products on Amazon

Robert Roberti Selling Perishable Products on Amazon Robert Roberti has a passion for food that’s grown from a brick and mortar into a successful online business. He’s become an expert on selling perishable products on Amazon that he shares on his YouTube channels. “The beauty of having to make a product as it is ordered…


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