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My Amazon Product Suspension Story 

On this episode, Kevin shares the story of recently having a product suspended by Amazon and how he dealt with the situation–at first unsuccessfully and then to resolution with the help of the professionals at Cascadia Seller Solutions.

A Slight Issue with the Manufacturer

Kevin has a product that he’s been selling for almost a year. There were no issues with it except for a small problem he had with his manufacturer.

Unfortunately, Amazon noticed it before they did. The manufacturer sent the products directly to Amazon. That’s when hundreds of his products became unavailable.

Receiving a Buyer Complaint

Kevin thought that they no longer needed to do anything else since then. But early in February this year, Amazon sent them a message about a buyer complaint.

The customer claimed the item he received was old–that Kevin was just selling it as new. That alarmed him. It also gave him the idea that it could be a competitor who was just trying to put him down.

The Need to Satisfy

The letter encouraged Kevin, however, with the possibility of reinstating his listing. He was confident that he could handle it with a satisfactory letter. But, he was wrong.

Amazon replied to him an hour after, and told him to provide sufficient information. Kevin did try to clarify the issue in his letter. However, Amazon asked him to specify the root cause and the steps he has taken to prevent future complaints.

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