PLM 254 Listen & Learn Private Label Productivity Tips


Kevin Shares His Top 3 Productivity Tips

It’s so easy as an entrepreneur to get overwhelmed and feel like you are spinning your wheels. In this episode, Kevin shares his top 3 Private Label Productivity Tips that are sure to have you accomplish more in less time, in no time at all.

That Time of the Year

It’s a busy time of year and it’s about to get even busier for private label. There’s a lot of work gearing up for the holidays.

“You may find that a lot of the work in gearing up for the holidays and for Q4 sales is over, but that does not necessarily mean that things get less busy.” – Kevin Rizer

It’s not just about your Q4 sales. The holidays bring family obligations, holiday parties, sporting events, shopping, etc.

Tip #1: Use a Scheduling Calendar

Kevin’s first tip is to use some type of a scheduling calendar. He’s not talking your average desk calendar, phone calendar or desktop calendar. You might have everything marked neatly and feel that is enough.

“If you’re still doing your own customer service, you are wasting your time. There is someone that is much better suited for that.” – Kevin Rizer

Ask yourself a question. How often do you go back and forth with texts or emails or phone calls trying to set appointments? Maybe you’ve found a new graphic designer or supplier and setting that appointment starts the back and forth.

So much time is wasted just setting the appointment. Adding a scheduling calendar to his productivity tools has changed Kevin’s life. He has open blocks of time set up for meetings and he’s in control of the days and times and mode of communication.

To hear the rest of Kevin’s top 3 Private Label Productivity Tips, download and listen to Kevin Shares His Top 3 Productivity Tips.

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