PLM 245 Listen & Learn Kevin’s 4th Quarter Selling Tips

Kevin’s 4th Quarter Selling Tips

Are you ready for Q4? It’s the time of the year where most online retailers generate a lot of sales. To help you prepare, here are three of Kevin’s 4th Quarter Selling Tips.

Tip #1: Stay in Stock

Avoid getting out of the stock during Q4. You can plan now and get in touch with your suppliers.

“There is nothing more frustrating than sitting there just a couple of weeks before Christmas and being out of stock.” – Kevin Rizer

Also, you can research and consider how many products you will need. You do not want to be out of stock for some time this quarter. It is like leaving money on the table.

Tip #2: Acknowledge the Holidays

The months of October to December are lined up with holidays. Consider showcasing your gift options in your inventory.

“Encourage people to order more than one by letting them know that [your products] are perfect for gifts.” – Kevin Rizer

You can use photos and copy that are perfect for the holidays. One suggestion is to use a copy that says, “Perfect as a Gift.”

AMZ Dream — Your Q4 Partner

Amazon sellers can enjoy the services being offered at AMZ Dream. They do a great job on copy and images.

“Amazon does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to these things but many shoppers will opt for items that are eligible for gifts.” – Kevin Rizer

Get a 20% discount for your order at AMZ Dream by using “PODCAST” at checkout. Visit

To learn about all three tips, download and listen to Kevin’s 4th Quarter Selling Tips. You can also find The Private Label Movement on iTunes and Stitcher.

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