PLM 246 How Much $ Does Amazon Owe You – with Karen Ellenberger

How Much $ Does Amazon Owe You – with Karen Ellenberger

Karen Ellenberger started in Amazon’s early days and has learned to use the data provided to provide expertise to sellers. Karen analyzes Amazon’s data for optimal reimbursement management and has tips to help you do the same.

“There is no better place to launch a business with very little resources (than Amazon).” – Karen Ellenberger

How Karen Ellenberger Started in E-commerce

Karen started selling online in 2008. She and her friend purchased an existing company that was selling children’s books.

Although Amazon’s existing model that time was exciting, it did not do well for their products. So, they shifted into selling textbooks.

“You can’t just look at one report and create a ticket” – Karen Ellenberger on the importance of using aggregate data

Due to the lack of tools that time, they eventually built custom tools for themselves. They also built a website where they analyzed data from Amazon.

Online Success Led to Company Acquisition

To sell textbooks, Karen and her friend built a website where students can sell them books. After purchasing, they would resell them through Amazon.

“The number of lost or damaged items you have is dependent upon your category, size and if you are a private label or wholesaler/reseller.” – Karen Ellenberger

The system was automated for them. Eventually, they started to realize that they could cut their overhead and increase their profit. And so they outsourced their operations to Amazon FBA.

By 2013, they sold their business. It was great and they enjoyed their journey throughout.

Key Takeaways from Selling on Amazon

When Karen and her friend started, Amazon was a lot more open. As the years passed, they saw the changes in the relationship between Amazon and the sellers.

The lessons they learned informs what Karen is doing now with her team. She emphasized the importance of respect online.

“Amazon’s drive in everything they do is that their customers are satisfied” – Karen Ellenberger on why Amazon’s trust with merchants has eroded

Another thing to understand is that Amazon is a big company. They have employees who can help you out with your concerns.

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