Joy Packard Successful, Passionate and Driven Amazon Seller 263

Joy Packard Successful, Passionate and Driven Amazon Seller

Joy Packard is a veteran Amazon seller most known as the Mompreneur. She dove into online sales out of necessity to be home with her husband and 8 kids. The driving passion for her family has turned into a large six-figure seller income.

“I really want do what is going to make me happy, let me spend time with my family, give me time to travel and give me time to meditate.” – Joy Packard

Selling on Amazon

Joy has been selling on Amazon for 5 years already. At present, she is excited about sharing her podcast.

Her entrepreneurial journey started with an e-course from Amazon. Networking has been a key to her success.

All Out Mompreneur

Joy wanted to be a mom who is at home for her children and be able to attend any of their events. The 9 to 5 job was not the answer.

“I love Private Label…it does take more work…once you get your brand going…you are your own seller and it’s exciting!” – Joy Packard

At an early age, she already helped manage her parents’ office. She did that until she was 17 years old.

Success from Pursuing One’s Passion

Joy knew there was something more that she could personally want. Something which she would not have to trade her time for money.

“Scaling back on the number of things you are doing…and scale up on the things that remain.” – What Joy is focusing on for 2018

She has tried many things such as creating mobile apps and blogging. Now, she is living the life that she’s always wanted as an Amazon seller and Mompreneur.

To hear her success story and upcoming podcast, download and listen to Joy Packard Successful, Passionate and Driven Amazon Seller.

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