What I Learned From 3 Chinese Hackers Josh Hudson 002

What I Learned From 3 Chinese Hackers

On today’s third installment for the second season of Private Label Movement, Josh Hudson, COO of I Build Your Brand pays us a visit to talk about how he started his private label through masterminds. He goes on to tell us why the Chinese are dominating the Amazon US marketplace.

Josh Hudson – The Power of Mastermind Groups

Josh was the kid in elementary school selling bubblegum on the bus. His journey in e-commerce didn’t start until 2016, long after Amazon was already hot. He was still a student then and never had a real job at sales or any experience working for anyone.

One day while researching online for opportunities, he found the woman who eventually became his mentor and best friend. Not having the money to jump on a plane and attend a mastermind worth twenty grand, he took his student loans. There he met various people, with whom he established invaluable connections.

“It’s not always the answer people wanna hear. And that’s how I would do the exact same thing: I would go all in at mastermind.” – Josh Hudson on what he would have done differently

The Chinese are Coming

If you paid attention in your childhood history class, then you would be fairly familiar with, “The British are coming.” Four hundred years later, the Chinese have become the force to be reckoned with.

While he was scouring the Internet one day, Josh found a spreadsheet that somehow led him to a mastermind in China. There he met with more people, which led to his discovering how the Chinese are dominating the marketplace.

“I met three Chinese hackers—hackers that were doing things in Amazon that maybe shouldn’t always be done… but [there was] really incredible info on what they’re doing from a testing perspective.” – Josh Hudson

To learn more about the hacks that Josh got to know firsthand from these hackers, download and listen to What I Learned From 3 Chinese Hackers.

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