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Josh Fonger Amazon Systems and Processes

Josh Fonger provides business owners with systems and processes to eliminate workplace bottlenecks. Their approach finds solutions to roadblocks so entrepreneurs can concentrate on their strengths ultimately leading to more free time.

“People are looking for the next big win, the next shiny object and they lose the discipline of what it means to be a true business owner.” – Josh Fonger

Into Systems and Processes

Josh’s interest in systems started about 7 years ago. He had his own consulting business. But, he wanted to achieve something that would last.

He met Sam Carpenter, the author of Work the System. Sam taught him how to systemize his own company. They ended up doing business together.

Consulting for Business Owners

Josh graduated with a degree in Architecture. Afterwards, he worked as a project manager for a real estate company. While still working, he got his Masters in Business from ASU.

“Having an outside perspective is really valuable for business owners.” – Josh Fonger

That was when he saw the significance of and wrote a thesis on Why You Should Hire a Business Consultant. It inspired him later on to start his own consulting business.

Business Assets that Last

Josh consulted for around 100 businesses in the U.S. He traveled around and helped them through various concerns like bankruptcy.

“A lot of entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of money…it’s about building safe steps towards freedom.” – Josh Fonger

He helped them through situations where they were not naturally good at. He fell in love with helping them building long-term assets.

To hear how you can achieve more freedom in your business, download and listen to Josh Fonger Amazon Systems and Processes.

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