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Jordan Rolband – Performance Marketing Expert 018

Jordan Rolband is the Co-Founder and President of DFO Global Performance Commerce. A certified performance marketing expert, he shares with us today how he blew up his marketing agency with eight global offices and over 200 employees.

Jordan Rolband – A Love for Marketing

Fifteen years ago, Jordan was in a completely different place. He started his career in finance and quickly learned that the industry wasn’t for him. Not to mention that he didn’t want to dress up every day.

He worked as a partner at a company and couldn’t focus on the business. Jordan didn’t have a real interest in becoming a high-level sales guy or managing the sales team. All he wanted to do was market.

Lead Generation through Microsites

Jordan then started to build microsites in 2005-2006. These sites catered for mortgages and loan consolidation. With the help of Google AdWords, they were able to scale up different campaigns.

They also utilized some of the leads they were generating for their own business. Jordan discovered another use of these lead-generating microsites, which then launched the business to new heights.

“I found out it would be quite lucrative if I also had some third-party businesses that I could sell these leads to aside from just taking them in-house.” – Jordan Rolband

Some Key Changes

While the company prospered in lead generation through various platforms, they discovered affiliate marketing.

“By using affiliates along with our small, little, internal media buying team, we’re essentially able to scale a business very quickly without having to hire a ton of people, without needing all these development resources.” – Jordan Rolband

In 2011, someone came in and offered to buy the business Jordan and his team built. At the same time, one of the companies they were working with to get traffic from had a business model that he found interesting.

Eventually, this performance-based company introduced Jordan to a whole other marketing-related endeavor that would define his career

To hear how Jordan discovered the world of e-commerce and became a performance marketing expert, download and listen to the episode.

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