Welcome to the Private Label Movement with Jonathan Gabriel 001

Jonathan Picks up the Mic

Private Label Movement is back on the air! On the first installment of today’s three-part comeback, Welcome to the Private Label Movement with Jonathan Gabriel, Jonathan introduces himself as the new host of the The Private Label Podcast, a podcast that’s evolved into a movement of its own.

Jonathan Gabriel – A Brief History

Jonathan or “Gabes”, as he is fondly called by a lot of people, grew up in Denver, Colorado. He’s got a self-acclaimed face for radio and currently runs his private label business in the Greater New York City Area.

He has been involved in the Private Label Movement since 2012. Last year, Jonathan did over five million dollars in sales and over fifteen million dollars in lifetime Amazon sales.

Everyone’s Podcast

Private Label Movement is a show for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have been building brands for years or are a fledgling waiting to take flight. This show is for you.

“This podcast is really for every level: the advanced guy that wants to know tips, tricks or trends in the space and the new guy that wants to hear about failures, obstacles and different strategies that people are using to find success in the space.” – Jonathan Gabriel

Join Jonathan and his guests every Monday to hear more insightful stories that will help you navigate your way through this sphere and create your own successful brand.

To hear more about Jonathan, download and listen to Welcome to the Private Label Movement with Jonathan Gabriel!

Connect with Jonathan:

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