Kevin Rizer Passes the Mic to Jonathan Gabriel 000

Former and present hosts Kevin Rizer and Jonathan Gabriel sit together for the first time. We get to know Jonathan better and learn about his entrepreneurial journey, aspirations and how he feels about taking over and tracing the footsteps of Kevin as host of Private Label Movement. Join us on this episode, Kevin Rizer Passes the Mic to Jonathan Gabriel.

“It means unlimited possibilities, no ceilings, let your ambitions run wild professionally, socially… and the sky’s the limit.” – Jonathan Gabriel on running the podcast in NYC

Jonathan Gabriel – Brick and Mortar at Risk

Seventeen floors above Wall Street, Kevin and Jonathan talk about the irony of running a podcast on private label literally above the world’s largest stock exchange pit.

“Never before has brick and mortar been more at risk.” – Jonathan Gabriel

The private label evolution began with the likes of Kevin, Jonathan and the entire community of people who started brands. Nibbling at elephant heels without any hint of hesitation, many brands have traveled far and wide and reached so many people who have shared and continue to share in their success.

Wall Street Dreams

When Jonathan was much younger, he aspired to be part of Wall Street and become its king. The cult classics that hit the big screens sparked his interest in the field. He loved what traders did and what they stood for.

Apart from the vision of trading, the prospect of buying material things and having the freedom to hold power to create a social circle, standard and lifestyle also enticed him. The world of stocks is so different compared to the corporate drudgery represented in mainstream media. At thirteen, Jonathan started buying stocks.

A Different Path

But like Kevin predicted, Jonathan’s childhood dreams didn’t figure. After working in finance, he found out that it wasn’t as stimulating as it was cracked out to be. Thus he hit the road of entrepreneurship.

But as if his life came full circle, he still ended up working around Wall Street.

To hear more about our new host’s journey and the story of Kevin and Jonathan’s meeting, download and listen to Kevin Rizer Passes the Mic to Jonathan Gabriel.
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