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Many Amazon sellers consider selling overseas to increase their market. Today, John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce tells us why Japan is so great for Amazon sellers.

The Japanese Online Marketplace

John Cant lived in Japan for five years from 2005-2010. In terms of Amazon, Japan was books and music driven Recently it has really changed.

Japan is now third biggest behind the US, German and has just overtaken the UK in terms of Amazon sales. Rakuten used to be the largest online provider in Japan but now they are about on even grounds as Amazon outpaces Rakuten’s growth.

Demographics Pushing Changes

Minimalism wins stateside and in the UK but in Japan the more information you can cram onto a site and the brighter the colors the better. Rakuten follows that design style.

John’s friends in Japan say they like the ‘calmer’ look of Amazon and that’s part of the push from Rakuten to Amazon.

Japan Naturally Lends Itself to Prime

Japan has always had a really good infrastructure. You can get around really quickly and now Amazon offers Prime Same-Day in many of the larger cities like Tokyo.

Because Amazon Japan is growing quickly, it’s not a very saturated market. It’s much easier to grow steadily and with less risk.


Officially from Amazon you are supposed to have Japanese packaging. If you’re new to the market and just testing it out, you can put in a Japanese flyer and still be ok.

The flyer provides a nice customer experience but at the same time, you are not having to re-design all of your packaging.

The buying decision is made on Amazon and from the customer’s point of view. If the goods arrive as expected and as ordered on Amazon, they don’t need packaging in their own language.

To hear the rest of what John Cant has to say about selling in Japan, download and listen to the episode!

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