PLM 244 “Hurricane” Liz Herrera on Online Poker, Pokémon and E-commerce

“Hurricane” Liz Herrera on Online Poker, Pokémon and E-commerce

Liz Herrera is a successful eCommerce veteran who knows how to capitalize on trends. Find out how Liz turns trends into seasonal and opportunistic sales to fund her evergreen products.

“I like to capitalize on trends, I like to get in there fast…and make enough money off trends to put into long term evergreen products.” – Liz Herrera

Early Days in the Industry

Liz has been around in the e-commerce industry since 2000. After she had her second website,, she knew right then that it was the path she wanted to pursue.

“Everything you do is a lesson. You can take (a mistake) and learn from it.” – Liz Herrera on taking risks

What she did in Sims Banker was build a gadget for people to create more money in the game. She was also on the very first Pokémon craze.

Dreams Can Be Achieved

Liz did not grow up in a wealthy family. As a child, her dream was to sell things and make money. People would laugh at her but she did not mind.

“Forming relationships with people…is the single most beneficial thing I have ever done.” – Liz Herrera

She appreciates her grandmother who supported her with her desires in life. From her, she learned that anything was possible as long she puts her mind into it.

Life as an Online Entrepreneur

Liz is not someone who would settle for anything less. Early in life, she knew that money was just out there and that she only had to learn how to delegate.

“You want to create a business where you don’t have to be present…and it will still function without you.” – Liz Herrera

According to her, entrepreneurship is like a lifelong college. Learning never stops even after how many successes you’ve achieved.

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