PLM 255 Gianni Munday Crossing the Pond, Expanding into Amazon Europe

Gianni Munday

Ever thought about expanding your private label business into Amazon’s European marketplaces? In this episode, Kevin welcomes Gianni Munday to the show to discuss the ins and outs of “Crossing the Pond” and expanding into and If this is on your to-do list, you can’t miss this episode!

“The door to the Amazon sellers just opened and it seemed such a natural fit!” – Gianni Munday

Expansion into Europe

Gianni has been in business for 17 years. He used to work in the financial market in London. He shares that opening a business account in the UK is not an easy feat.

“When you have a UK company, you can only receive money using a UK business account. It is an essential requirement for businesses.” – Gianni Munday

A lot of business owners wish to enter the UK. They want to use it as a gateway for them to expand into Europe. Now, Amazon is making it more possible for them.

Difficulty for Foreigners

According to Gianni, many banks do not have an appetite for foreigners. Every day, they receive around 50 to 100 applications from them.

It normally takes 3 weeks to set an appointment to open a business account in the UK. But, there is still the possibility of getting declined.

Amazon Seller Opportunity in Europe

The European market is still wide open to sellers. There is not as much competition as there is in the US.

“With fewer competitions, there is going to be greater margins.” – Gianni Munday

Sellers can bring their knowledge and experience to grow their businesses. The English language itself is already one advantage they can use to connect.

To hear about the expansion process, download this episode and listen to Gianni Munday.

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