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The Perfect Vacation Part 2

The Perfect Vacation Part 2

Last week we heard about why Kevin decided to take a vacation. On today’s episode The Perfect Vacation Part 2, he shares everything he did during his time off. How did his vacation go, and is having a vacation from work also something you would enjoy? Tune in!

“To get better at doing nothing, I think I have to do nothing more.” – Kevin Rizer

Back from the Goat Farm Mastermind

Before sharing how his vacation went, Kevin would like to give a special shout out to Bethanie Gonzalez for having the best or loudest scream. Kevin just returned from the Mastermind event at Wisconsin.

He had a great time bonding with successful Amazon sellers and speakers. You may check out their pictures and other updates on the Private Label Movement page on Facebook.

Vacation Day 1: Not the Typical Day to Start

Kevin’s time off started on Monday last week. But since he still had some unfinished tasks, he did his best to complete them first.

“Often the stress builds as we get ready to go on vacation. Since we know we’re not going to be working, we try to cram as much as possible.” – Kevin Rizer

Despite his COO telling him to rest, he found it difficult to simply do nothing. He tried to watch TV, relax on a couch and tried other things to unwind but they did not work.

Vacation Day 2: Finding the Vibe

Tuesday came and Kevin still had the urge to work. He did a couple of things to keep him off.

“I found my mind still racing and wondering.” – Kevin Rizer on getting relaxed

He spent some time shopping, running errands, and tried to enjoy other things. His vacation became better in the evening.

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