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The Perfect Vacation Part 1

The Perfect Vacation Part 1

What is your idea of a perfect vacation? After all the hours of working and dealing with other things in life, Kevin has decided to take some time off to recharge his energy for more exciting things to come. Listen to his version of The Perfect Vacation Part 1.

Time to Take a Break

Kevin is currently at a point when he needs to take a time off. He has been all over the world and has experienced a lot of exciting things as well.

“Sometimes it gets a little bit too much especially if I don’t take a time out and do the things that are necessary to take care of myself.” – Kevin Rizer

He is taking this time to recharge and unwind from all that he’s been doing.

Vacation at Home

Kevin is not going anywhere. He looks forward to meeting with his friends, doing what he enjoys, and spending time with loved ones.

“I’m on a self-mandated and a team-mandated vacation this week.” – Kevin Rizer

He has multiple physical product brands. He has had his own share of challenges with them, too. Building a new team, staying updated with family health issues, and buying a house are other things he has been dealing with.

Things to Do While on Vacation

It won’t be a fancy vacation. Kevin has already some ideas in mind that he is excited to share with you.

“I’m coming back next week, and share how it went, what I learned—the takeaways.” – Kevin Rizer

He wants to restart his body clock. He also wants to return to a more healthy morning routine.

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