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John Cavendish Successful European Amazon Selling

John Cavendish Successful European Amazon Selling

John Cavendish is a European Amazon expert, who developed a streamlined system for selling across multiple languages and with limited resources. Kevin and John talk about how this path has led to a course designed for Successful European Selling on today’s show.

“I realized what an untapped resource Europe as a whole is.” – John Cavendish choosing to sell in Europe and not the US

Start in the World of E-commerce

John wanted to have another means of earning outside of his job as consultant. In his search, he came across a podcast featuring the entrepreneur Ryan Moran. John started following him and that’s how he entered e-commerce.

He was very logical with his decision. He used his savings to start his business.

First Product Launch in Amazon

John launched his first product on Despite how small the market appeared to be that time, he saw it was wide open.

“Europe is almost still the Wild West in terms of products.” – John Cavendish on less competition in the European market

He searched for a product that people would definitely buy. That started off his business and generated a lot of revenue. Two weeks later, he was already in the front page.

Growing the Business

John’s business grew from that first product he launched. He shares that the US market is big but the European market presents a rather holistic approach.

“You have access to double the number of (Amazon) customers in Europe as you do in the states.” – John Cavendish

The number of customers was twice that of the US. For his first product, he reached out to the people he knew and asked for their reviews.

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