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Is Your Product Ready for Retail – with Timothy Bush


Is Your Product Ready for Retail - with Timothy Bush

After Timothy Bush appeared on the podcast last year, tons of Amazon sellers reached out, and began working with his firm to move their products into retail. Through this process he identified 6 key areas for Amazon sellers who are looking to get into retail, and on today's show he shares those six areas and discusses their importance with Kevin. If you are even thinking about expanding into retail with your brand, don't miss this episode!

The Need for Advocates

Tim is the owner of TLB Consulting, and is the podcast host of On the Shelf. He started his business in 2009 out of necessity. People usually invited him to share his knowledge and expertise.

He saw the need for advocates, who can help small manufacturers. They needed people who can ensure that they are making the right business decisions.

Diversify to Expand

Retail is a great way to diversify your income. When one of your products don't do well in one basket, you can rest assured you have other spare baskets to support you.

There are also people in your market who would still be interested in buying your products in retail. Overall, it's a great way to expand your business.

The 6 Key Areas in Retail

Guesting in this show increased the number of people who approached Tim for advice. Sadly, not a lot of sellers realize the learning curve when only selling online. For this, Tim discusses the 6 key areas to consider.

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