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Outsourcing Like a BOSS with Nathan Hirsch of Freeeup


Outsourcing Like a Boss with Nathan Hirsch of Freeeup

Nathan Hirsch is the founder of Freeeup, a company that makes outsourcing for entrepreneurs easy and hassle free. After founding an e-commerce business in college, Nathan found himself making more money than he ever imagined, but also overwhelmed. In this episode he discusses the ins and outs of outsourcing with Kevin. A must-listen for your growing e-commerce business.

Amazon Young Gun

Nathan's entrepreneurial lifestyle began early. He sold textbooks out of his dorm room at 19 during college. Soon thereafter he discovered Amazon.

Nathan would search the big store sale sheets and when a desirable item went on sale, he would list it on Amazon. When the items sold, he was drop shipping from one location to the next. Nathan built a multi-million dollar business and had hired his first employee before he was 21!

Nathan found a bookshelf that came in three colors he would buy for $20. he would turn around and sell it for $120! It was his largest profit margin and he was only in his first year.

Sales Growth

Nathan began buying from manufactures, opened and office and hired employees. For more efficiency, he hired assistants for his employees to do the data entry to free up their time.

Growth and drop shipping make quality control more difficult. Nathan changed his business model to employing remote locations. This led to the formation of Freeeup, a company dedicated to making hiring easier.

To hear the rest of Outsourcing Like a BOSS with Nathan Hirsch of Freeeup, download and listen to the entire episode.

If you're short on time, here are the highlights of Nathan Hirsch:

Who is Nathan Hirsch? (4:11 mark)

Nathan on getting started (8:39 mark)

When should you consider outsourcing? (14:10 mark)

How to define tasks for freelancers? (21:32 mark)

Outsourcing process? (32:02 mark)

Nathan's Takeaway? (42:07 mark)

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