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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

It’s 51 days to go until Christmas! How’s your plan going for the holiday season? Sales could kick in as early as October or just few days before December 25. Feel the spirit of Christmas in July as Kevin walks you through some important things to consider in preparation for the holidays.

Tip #1: Focus

New sellers tend to ramp up their products during the holidays. But it can be a critical mistake that they will regret. It causes them to neglect their existing products.

“Whatever and however your products are doing right now, they are likely to see dramatic 2-4 times the sales during the fourth quarter.” – Kevin Rizer

To prepare for increase in sales, make sure you have enough bandwidth. Also, consider how your cash flow is doing.

Tip #2: Order Before You Need It

For most sellers, this means at least two additional orders. So, take time to plan your orders.

“It’s always way better to have a little bit of inventory when January rolls around than it is to run out just a few days before Christmas.” – Kevin Rizer

Last year, Amazon started pushing Cyber Monday deals weeks in advance. That tells sellers to prepare.

Tip #3: Maximize Off-Amazon Sales and Traffic Techniques

There are a lot of platforms where you can market your products. Don’t just rely on Amazon.

“Use this holiday season and all that it brings as an opportunity to expand your horizons and experiment with some different approaches.” – Kevin Rizer

You can build an FB following, start a YouTube channel, or use Overgrowth. Think about doing something unique.

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