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Breaking Out of Amazon with Shopify Expert Kurt Elster


Breaking out of Amazon to create your own e-commerce channel can seem daunting. Shopify expert Kurt Elster talks with Kevin about how to build your own off Amazon business with Shopify. In this episode, Kurt shares his experience and advice on building a store using Shopify and how to make the most of the tools and strategies that will help your business be successful.

How Kurt started and became a Shopify expert.

Why Shopify is a great platform for private label sellers.

Common mistakes people make on Shopify.

Ways to find the right customers and the target markets.

Some techniques of success on Shopify:

  • The importance of knowing your positioning.
  • Tricks for re-targeting people or potential customers.
  • Types of ads to dirve traffic to your Shopify store.
  • The power of using Facebook ads for retargeting.
  • Using Google Ads.
  • A simple tricks for achieving great SEO.

Some mistakes people make in terms of design, setup and integration

What you can do to build trust (like people have in Amazon):

  • On your About page, share your journey and story instead of making it look like a seller or a brand.
  • Replicate those risk reduction factors by having a great shipping policy, warranty or return policy

Advice from Kurt:

“Build your list! If you are in an online business of any kind, you are in business of the list building.”

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