Amazon Coupons and Thanksgiving 258

Amazon Coupons and Thanksgiving

Kevin breaks down using coupons to enhance your brand and holiday sales on Amazon. How can you access them in your Seller Central account? Tune in!

“It is always exciting to look at and experiment new things from the giant online retailer.” – Kevin Rizer

Coupons on Amazon

It’s Thanksgiving now in the US and Kevin has a lot of things to be thankful for. As he was preparing for the holiday selling season, he came across Amazon coupons.

“The ability to place a coupon on a specific product that can now be a percentage off or a dollar amount off can be applied by customers.” – Kevin Rizer

You too might have used coupons from time to time. They are usually done with discounts.

Availability to Sellers

Kevin has been seeing coupons for a year or so already. But they were just used on products sold by Amazon. Now, it is also available to sellers.

You can access it as long as your brand is registered. It is also essential that you can utilize the enhanced marketing tools or techniques.

How to Access Coupons on Amazon

To find out if you have access to Amazon coupons, hover over advertising tab on your Seller Central account. Next, click on Coupon.

“These discounts are being shown to real Amazon customers instead of people who are just looking for a dollar-worth product.” – Kevin Rizer

It will require you to pick a product, set a budget and discount, and finalize. And, it comes at a reasonable cost. You only have to pay 60 cents per redeemed coupon.

To find out more about Amazon coupons, download and listen to Amazon Coupons and Thanksgiving.

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