PLM 240 Chris Rawlings Amazon Seller Expanding Overseas in New Markets

Chris Rawlings

Chris Rawlings is a seasoned Amazon Seller that found success by expanding into new markets overseas. His international expansion led to the development of Judo Launch software designed to automate the process that he worked so hard to perfect.

“There are two ways to grow, you can keep coming out with new products or you can expand to new markets.” – Chris Rawlings

From a Startup to a B2B

Since episode 112, Chris was able to grow his company. It required him to adjust his mission and vision to a much broader and bigger sense.

“Align yourself with the right people…who have evolved to take of this for you.” – Chris Rawlings on overcoming the barriers to selling overseas

When they started, they focused on helping US Amazon sellers. These were sellers who wanted to expand to the market in Germany.

But as time advanced, they became a B2B platform. They now help eCommerce businesses expand anywhere they want.

How to Expand Overseas

Many often ask questions regarding the big markets. In response, Chris shares that it’s important to consider the actual market size, the size that is relative to your niche, and the demand of your niche.

“Hurdles in selling overseas: 1) compliant with foreign taxes 2) product safety compliance 3) sales traction 4) communication/language barrier.” – Chris Rawlings

According to him, it is best to focus first on your home base. In the long run, you can expand to other markets like Japan or Germany.

To learn about growing your Amazon business and expanding internationally, download and listen to Chris Rawling’s episode.

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