PLM 248 Chris Graebe From MTV Road Rules to Amazon AMZ Dream Pro Dedicated to Serving Others

Chris Graebe From MTV Road Rules to Amazon AMZ Dream Pro Dedicated to Serving Others

Chris Graebe has gone from the cornfields in Indiana, to traveling across foreign countries as an MTV Road Rules cast member and today is a successful Amazon seller. Instant Amazon success brought a lot of tough lessons learned for new product selection to grow his brand.

“Build a brand with margins (you’re) comfortable with.” – Chris Graebe

Out on a Big Adventure

Chris was a cast member in the South Pacific MTV Road Rules, where he got to travel around New Zealand. he also had the privilege to be a part of the Battle of the Sexes.

“Let’s all step out and live our life to the fullest.” – Chris Graebe

For someone who grew up at the cornfields, his experiences gave him a lot of exposure and a bigger picture of life. He was 22 years old that time.

Start of Journey as an Entrepreneur

In the years that followed, Chris met his wife and had his own family. He also started a couple of businesses. And he has been actively serving as a pastor.

“Focus on creating brands as opposed to chasing products” – Chris Graebe

His entrepreneurial journey started earlier in his life. He would offer to shovel driveways in Winter and reseal them by Summer. He is thankful for his mom’s support on his endeavors.

From MTV to Private Label Success

One of the businesses that Chris started after MTV was selling apps. His friend would build the app and he would do market them.

“I had a big win on the front end and learned from all of these mistakes on the back end.” – Chris Graebe

Eventually, it led him to sell physical products. And now, he is thriving as a successful seller on Amazon.

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