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Charka Yendapally 6-Figure Amazon Seller and Founder of Jungle Books 009

When a young adult flies to the US with no support or family and only 150 bucks to his name, what does he do? On today’s episode, Chakra Yendapally walks us through the tale of how he became the 6-figure, soon-to-be 7-figure seller in Amazon. He also shares how he founded his own virtual bookkeeping company.

The Big Leap of Faith

Chakra wanted to get his education in the US and borrowed money for his flight. Landing with barely any money in his pocket, he had to work several odd jobs to get him through college. One of these included a NASA project.

He consulted for a manufacturing firm after graduation using his engineering degree. Chakra then enrolled in business school to learn finance, the spark of his future business ventures.

Discovering E-Commerce

With his background in finance, Chakra worked with a lot of companies including Johnson & Johnson. He spent about 16 years at J&J, which culminated with his own business venture.
Eventually, Chakra fell into e-commerce and put up a website to launch his product. When found it difficult to gain traction, he stumbled upon Amazon.
“I heard about Amazon and I started looking at it, and like wow… they’re bringing people to you.” – Chakra Yendapally

Founding Jungle Books

Chakra quickly gained friends in the world of e-commerce. Because of those friendships, came the realization there was a need for help on the financial side of their businesses.
“As I talked to a lot of my e-commerce friends, I realized that’s kind of a big pain point for people.” – Chakra Yendapally on bookkeeping
He initially helped his friends by straightening out their books. This led to his current business, Jungle Books. A virtual bookkeeping company.
“People work so hard to build their business but a lot of times they forget the real payday is when you sell the business.” –  Chakra Yendapally
To hear how Chakra Yendapally topped 6-figures and how Jungle Books can help Amazon sellers, download and listen to the entire episode!

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