Nate Lind 7-Figure Ecommerce Seller, Coach and Community Builder 010

Nate Lind is a successful online seller that doesn’t just focus on Amazon. He has created relationships with affiliates to continue to push his products. Nate is insightful as a seller, a coach and entrepreneur. He’s here to share his knowledge with Jonathan on today’s episode of the Private Label Podcast.

Nate Lind Working for the Man

While Nate was pursuing his degree in media art and animation he discovered he enjoyed the pursuit of obtaining the business much more than the website development and production. he not only really enjoyed it, but he was also really good at it.

After graduation, Nate worked for the FAA in D.C. He had the most hellacious commute to work and he likens it to a soul-sucking experience. During this time he read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it changed his life.

“I wanted to own my own business. I wanted to have passive income.” – Nate Lind

The book inspired him to get out of the blood-sucking quadrant of ’employee’ to owning his own business and enjoy passive investment income. Nate went from graphics and websites and video production to flipping houses.

The Apprentice

Nate went online and joined the Rich Dad forum at the time to network with other entrepreneurs. he found a group of investors that had money but no time. As a young guy, Nate had time but no money.

“I want something with mass appeal…is lightweight and can ship easily around the world…and I can create a story and brand around.” Nate Lind

The investors were his mentors and he was the apprentice. Nate worked really hard for the investment group. He was literally knocking on doors to see if people would want to sell their house. Amazingly to Nate, they did. He had learned to leverage other people’s money to benefit both sides and to scale.

Turning Experience into a Job

In 2008 when the housing market crashed, due to forces out of Nate’s control, he was out of a job. Now he’s got a mortgage, a family and a kid on the way. He took jobs at various financial institutions to put food on the table.

“I always start with private labeling. I dont’ want to be the first customer product of a strange niche.” – Nate Lind

Drawing from his experiences working the housing market, he was able to craft resumes for himself that resonated with corporate employers. He went from $68,000.00/year to $125,000.00/year and work remotely and avoid the horrible commute by the age 0f 31.

The success he was having working for others again sparked his interest in investing. Nate started looking around to see what was available. His first investment was with a direct response campaign manager.

To hear the rest of Nate’s story about success as an online seller and as an affiliate, download and listen to the episode!

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Charka Yendapally 6-Figure Amazon Seller and Founder of Jungle Books 009

When a young adult flies to the US with no support or family and only 150 bucks to his name, what does he do? On today’s episode, Chakra Yendapally walks us through the tale of how he became the 6-figure, soon-to-be 7-figure seller in Amazon. He also shares how he founded his own virtual bookkeeping company.

The Big Leap of Faith

Chakra wanted to get his education in the US and borrowed money for his flight. Landing with barely any money in his pocket, he had to work several odd jobs to get him through college. One of these included a NASA project.

He consulted for a manufacturing firm after graduation using his engineering degree. Chakra then enrolled in business school to learn finance, the spark of his future business ventures.

Discovering E-Commerce

With his background in finance, Chakra worked with a lot of companies including Johnson & Johnson. He spent about 16 years at J&J, which culminated with his own business venture.
Eventually, Chakra fell into e-commerce and put up a website to launch his product. When found it difficult to gain traction, he stumbled upon Amazon.
“I heard about Amazon and I started looking at it, and like wow… they’re bringing people to you.” – Chakra Yendapally

Founding Jungle Books

Chakra quickly gained friends in the world of e-commerce. Because of those friendships, came the realization there was a need for help on the financial side of their businesses.
“As I talked to a lot of my e-commerce friends, I realized that’s kind of a big pain point for people.” – Chakra Yendapally on bookkeeping
He initially helped his friends by straightening out their books. This led to his current business, Jungle Books. A virtual bookkeeping company.
“People work so hard to build their business but a lot of times they forget the real payday is when you sell the business.” –  Chakra Yendapally
To hear how Chakra Yendapally topped 6-figures and how Jungle Books can help Amazon sellers, download and listen to the entire episode!

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Mark Lewyn 6-Figure Amazon Seller and Founder of 008

Mark Lewyn is a 6-figure Amazon seller and founder of He began his career a journalist and soon realized he needed to change directions as the technology and the internet grew. His software enables Amazon sellers to research patents to help them find new products to launch.

Hitting the Bullseye

Mark began investing with a few startups and over time found his way to the world of Amazon selling. In 2015, Mark launched his first product, darts, on Amazon.

His strategy was looking at the data and he was amazed at how many darts they sold on Amazon. He had never even played the game nor has he since.

You don’t want to violate anyone’s patent, ever. – Mark Lewyn

Research is King for Mark Lewyn

He took notice of the issues with darts and thought he could fix the problems. His first product was a significant success that gave him the encouragement to try it again and again and again.

Mark had been investing in startups and liked the idea of not having to go out and raise a lot of money. He’s made a lot of mistakes along the way but he’s been right more often than wrong.

Researching The Relative Cost of Products

For his product research, Mark uses Jungle Scout a lot. Once he narrows down a product he does a little bit of research for that specific product.

During his research, he’s come across really high-priced products that were expensive relative to what they were. For instance, an airline seatbelt for kids. Essentially it was a glorified seatbelt for kids.

The seatbelt sold for $80.00 and they were selling a bunch because there was no competition. Mark Lewyn quickly figured out it was expensive because it had a patent on it.

The Power of Patents

There are two major types of patents…design…and utility patent. – Mark Lewyn

He looked at the patent and it was about to expire. He found a manufacturer that was selling the same thing for $5.00 on Ali Baba. If he would have taken the Ali Baba product and sold it on Amazon, it would have been a mess of trouble with patent lawsuits.

Timing is Everything

Mark launched his product on the day the patent expired. He was following the law and was able to capture a lot of the margin the guy who was selling it for $80.00 was capturing.

There’s always a bull market somewhere; there’s always a new opportunity. – Jonathan Gabriel

He kept coming across products that were similar in that their patents were about to expire and began to build a database.

To hear how Mark Lewyn uses his database to increase his sales and expand his product line, download and listen to the episode.

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John Cant Rising Sun Commerce Amazon Japan Specialist 007

Many Amazon sellers consider selling overseas to increase their market. Today, John Cant of Rising Sun Commerce tells us why Japan is so great for Amazon sellers.

The Japanese Online Marketplace

John Cant lived in Japan for five years from 2005-2010. In terms of Amazon, Japan was books and music driven Recently it has really changed.

Japan is now third biggest behind the US, German and has just overtaken the UK in terms of Amazon sales. Rakuten used to be the largest online provider in Japan but now they are about on even grounds as Amazon outpaces Rakuten’s growth.

Demographics Pushing Changes

Minimalism wins stateside and in the UK but in Japan the more information you can cram onto a site and the brighter the colors the better. Rakuten follows that design style.

John’s friends in Japan say they like the ‘calmer’ look of Amazon and that’s part of the push from Rakuten to Amazon.

Japan Naturally Lends Itself to Prime

Japan has always had a really good infrastructure. You can get around really quickly and now Amazon offers Prime Same-Day in many of the larger cities like Tokyo.

Because Amazon Japan is growing quickly, it’s not a very saturated market. It’s much easier to grow steadily and with less risk.


Officially from Amazon you are supposed to have Japanese packaging. If you’re new to the market and just testing it out, you can put in a Japanese flyer and still be ok.

The flyer provides a nice customer experience but at the same time, you are not having to re-design all of your packaging.

The buying decision is made on Amazon and from the customer’s point of view. If the goods arrive as expected and as ordered on Amazon, they don’t need packaging in their own language.

To hear the rest of what John Cant has to say about selling in Japan, download and listen to the episode!

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Rob Kosberg Best Seller Publishing, Publish, Promote, Profit from YOUR Story 006

What would you do if overnight, your profits went from millions to zero? This happened to Rob Kosberg. Rob ran a hundred-million-dollar real estate company when the recession hit and was forced to reinvent himself. Today, he’s the founder and CEO of Best Seller Publishing and he’s proud to say that he’s found a way to leverage his expertise to positively impact others.

Rob Kosberg Hustling to Success

Rob was raised in Washington D.C. where his family owned Texaco gas stations on Pennsylvania Ave. He got his start as a car guy watching his dad and grandpa build and race cars out of the garages. It wasn’t the traditional path to becoming an entrepreneur but it had planted the seed for Rob.

While working through college, Rob got his real estate license at the age of 18. He was on the phone all day hustling through the for sale by owners and expired listings. By the second month, he was the top agent and was questioning his path to law school.

“Don’t write an autobiography or memoire, no one cares…put your story into the needs the pains the challenges of your ideal client” – Rob Kosberg

Like most entrepreneurs, Rob has never worked a single day in his degree. Because of his success in real estate, he did not attend law school and instead continued in real estate working for his dad from 18-22.

He made the leap to the largest mortgage lender in the country. Due to the leap, he was able to expand his opportunities and income. As an entrepreneur of sorts, he controlled his destiny but in essence, he was still working for someone else. That lead to opening his own real estate, title and mortgage company.

Economy Nose-Dive

Nobody anticipated a 60% drop in real estate values. Roughly 10 years later, South Florida still hasn’t recovered. His company was crushed and he was pouring 100’s of 1000’s of his own money into the company to keep it afloat until the market turned around. The only loans at the time were government funded and Rob’s company was doing none of that.

“The fun part for me is the engagement with people…wanting to get books to do something cool for their business…keeps me motivated and excited.” – Rob Kosberg

He went from a 100-million-dollar a year company to zero. If it had only dropped half, Rob probably could have survived.  The death knell was he could no longer finance loans.

To hear how Rob Kosberg reinvents himself, download and listen to the episode!

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Jeremy Sherk 8-Figure Amazon Nested Naturals Supplement Entrepreneur 005

Jonathan talks with Jeremy Sherk today. He’s an 8-figure entrepreneur, speaker, health nut, and Co-Founder and CEO at Nested Natural, an e-commerce supplement company.

Hustling From a Young Age

Jeremy grew up just outside of Toronto in the eastern part of Canada. As a young kid, he was always hustling to mow lawns or running a paper route to make money.

HIs clearest memory of the entrepreneurial bug was his senior year in high school. Jeremy had started reading self-development books and really got into self-teaching and self-learning. He had moved beyond the typical high school curriculum that prepares you for college.

An Entrepreneur’s Mindset

College was not the route Jeremy took and he considers himself extremely lucky that his parents were supportive of his decisions.

After a few hard labor factory jobs, Jeremy started bar-tending and traveling. He was making great money for a 20-year-old but after attending a seminar, he began his online journey.

Starting With Info Products

Jeremy attended a seminar in 2003 with some of the big names in internet marketing like Cory Rudl. They stood on stage and talked about the great lifestyle they were living with e-books, funnels and Google Ad-words.

“I want to do something beyond what I am seeing out there. I want to offer a product I believe in.” – Jeremy Sherk

His first attempt as an entrepreneur was writing a bartending e-book. He had been encouraged to write about what could provide value. For Jeremy, that was a how-to bartending guide about how to land the job and make money.

Feast or Famine

While Jeremy was getting involved in info products he also did a little designing and copywriting.  From 2004-2011 Jeremy was grinding away with lots of short-term projects with no long-term sustainability.

Mentally, it was feast and famine during this time of his life. There were a lot of hard lessons learned and a deep level of debt.

Looking for Fulfillment

The short-term mindset led to his desire to find some long-term sustainability and fulfillment in general. It was not just about living for a bank account.

“Opportunity, it’s about being the right person at the right place at the right time.” – Jeremy Sherk

It was a bit lonely with the short-term approach to life. There was absolute freedom but there are a lot of downsides that people just don’t speak about enough.

Jeremy was living in Thailand, living the dream but it wasn’t enough. About 6 months in, the depression really started to creep in.

To hear about Jeremy’s 3 years in Thailand, a chance meeting with Ryan Moran and how he made his successful move to selling online, download and listen to the episode!

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Karen Waksman Retail MBA Get Your Products into Big-Box Retail 004

Today, Jonathan welcomes Karen Waksman of Retail MBA to the program. She’s an expert on selling to big-box stores and talks the nitty-gritty of what it takes to break into the world of big-box retail.

Karen Waksman Learning the Hard Way

Karen started selling to retail chains back in the early 2000’s. She got a job as a manufacturers rep, a salesman who sells products to retailers. Starting out, she had no idea how to sell to retailers and it took her a good year or two to really figure out how to get the retailers to buy from her. It was a tough start with lots of trial and error.

Years later she had an epiphany that she had developed an actual system. A system she could teach others that would get their products into stores and into more categories. In 2012, when she realized no one was teaching how to sell to big-box retail chains, Karen went full-time teaching her system.

“Amazon sellers need to absolutely explore retail.” – Karen Waksman

Amazon Sellers Get It

Amazon sellers really weren’t a thing when Karen started out. Her clients were inventors and engineers who had a dream and wanted to monetize their products. Amazon sellers came hard at Karen about 5 years ago, about 2015.

“Everytime to you add a big retail account…your company’s valuation goes up on average 1-3 points.” – Karen Waksman

It was a completely new customer base for her. She was used to dealing with the inventor and now she had people with private label products.

The great thing is Amazon sellers have an advantage over inventors. Private labelers had to go directly to China and to learn the manufacturing and developing and marketing and they learned how to do a lot of complex things online and Karen thinks they are awesome!

Amazon Sellers Are Innovative

Karen can show an Amazon seller the process on how to think like a retail buyer and with their extensive background, they can tweak their message for that particular buyer.

“Amazon sellers thrive in retail because they understand and have that marketing mindset.” – Karen Waksman

Amazon sellers are putting their products online, they get reviews, they’re getting answers from their clients, they’re able to evolve and fix their products to get better reviews. This has all led to the sellers innovating new products based on their audience and customer base.

To hear the big-box perspective and the rest of what Karen Waksman has to say, download and listen to the episode!

Retail MBA

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7 Figure Amazon Seller Turned FBA Software Expert Troy Johnston 003

Let’s face it, Amazon is eating the world and software is eating the world. Jonathan Gabriel welcomes Troy Johnston, 7-figure Amazon seller and the co-founder of, an Amazon software as a service. Today they’ll talk getting started, Amazon and where he’s at today.

A Circuitous Route to E-Commerce

Troy Johnston was working in the corporate world as a project manager. He and a co-worker were looking for ways to escape the typical 9-to-5 grind.

“Early on I was willing to fail and willing to build a brand…in a space that was relatively unknown.” – Troy Johnston

The rumblings of ASM and Amazon were still relatively new. Troy was intrigued with the prospect of private labeling a product, get it to Amazon and let their infrastructure drive the visibility.

Troy Johnston’s Comfort Zone

Troy got his start in the hard-goods fitness space. It was a natural fit with what interested him, what he was familiar with and really into at the time. There was not the perceived saturation then as there is now.

“Am I serving what Amazon rewards for visibility…that is the name of the game” Jonathan Gabriel

He learned what and what not to do when it came to sourcing and logistics. For Troy, it became very evident that domestically sourcing items was more advantageous for quality control.

Shifting Gears for QC

Through his desire for domestically sourced goods, he discovered health and beauty products. Troy became interested in single-ingredient, high-quality products without extra parts and pieces. He wanted to stick to the tried and true.

“In a saturated market, what’s different about your product…your brand?” – Troy Johnston

If he can check off all his criteria of a quality supplier and a quality product his products lend themselves to positive feedback.

To hear what Troy Johnston has to say about standing out among other Amazon sellers, positioning your brand and his move from FBA to the software and tool space, download and listen to the entire episode!

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What I Learned From 3 Chinese Hackers Josh Hudson 002

What I Learned From 3 Chinese Hackers

On today’s third installment for the second season of Private Label Movement, Josh Hudson, COO of I Build Your Brand pays us a visit to talk about how he started his private label through masterminds. He goes on to tell us why the Chinese are dominating the Amazon US marketplace.

Josh Hudson – The Power of Mastermind Groups

Josh was the kid in elementary school selling bubblegum on the bus. His journey in e-commerce didn’t start until 2016, long after Amazon was already hot. He was still a student then and never had a real job at sales or any experience working for anyone.

One day while researching online for opportunities, he found the woman who eventually became his mentor and best friend. Not having the money to jump on a plane and attend a mastermind worth twenty grand, he took his student loans. There he met various people, with whom he established invaluable connections.

“It’s not always the answer people wanna hear. And that’s how I would do the exact same thing: I would go all in at mastermind.” – Josh Hudson on what he would have done differently

The Chinese are Coming

If you paid attention in your childhood history class, then you would be fairly familiar with, “The British are coming.” Four hundred years later, the Chinese have become the force to be reckoned with.

While he was scouring the Internet one day, Josh found a spreadsheet that somehow led him to a mastermind in China. There he met with more people, which led to his discovering how the Chinese are dominating the marketplace.

“I met three Chinese hackers—hackers that were doing things in Amazon that maybe shouldn’t always be done… but [there was] really incredible info on what they’re doing from a testing perspective.” – Josh Hudson

To learn more about the hacks that Josh got to know firsthand from these hackers, download and listen to What I Learned From 3 Chinese Hackers.

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Welcome to the Private Label Movement with Jonathan Gabriel 001

Jonathan Picks up the Mic

Private Label Movement is back on the air! On the first installment of today’s three-part comeback, Welcome to the Private Label Movement with Jonathan Gabriel, Jonathan introduces himself as the new host of the The Private Label Podcast, a podcast that’s evolved into a movement of its own.

Jonathan Gabriel – A Brief History

Jonathan or “Gabes”, as he is fondly called by a lot of people, grew up in Denver, Colorado. He’s got a self-acclaimed face for radio and currently runs his private label business in the Greater New York City Area.

He has been involved in the Private Label Movement since 2012. Last year, Jonathan did over five million dollars in sales and over fifteen million dollars in lifetime Amazon sales.

Everyone’s Podcast

Private Label Movement is a show for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have been building brands for years or are a fledgling waiting to take flight. This show is for you.

“This podcast is really for every level: the advanced guy that wants to know tips, tricks or trends in the space and the new guy that wants to hear about failures, obstacles and different strategies that people are using to find success in the space.” – Jonathan Gabriel

Join Jonathan and his guests every Monday to hear more insightful stories that will help you navigate your way through this sphere and create your own successful brand.

To hear more about Jonathan, download and listen to Welcome to the Private Label Movement with Jonathan Gabriel!

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