PLM 238 Brett Curry Selling Beyond Amazon

Brett Curry

Brett Curry is the CEO of OMG Commerce a Full Funnel Marketing Management Company. He’s partnered with Shopify to publish a The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping.

“If all you have is the Amazon relationship, Amazon wons that customer and they’re not ‘your’ customer.” – Brett Curry

Brett started his first e-Commerce agency right out of college in 2003 doing radio and TV consulting and bit of direct marketing. In 2004, a client actually paid Brett to learn SEO of which he knew nothing.

Google Shopping Expert

Brett loved the fact he could track and connect all the dots of why a customer purchased a certain product and dove in to learn all he could. He recently partnered with Shopify to author and publish “The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping”.

“You can’t fully own a brand unless you own the customer relationship.” – Brett Curry

The great thing about Google Shopping is it has a lot of parallels to Amazon so if you’re just branching out from Amazon as your exclusive selling channel, this is the route to take.

The Power of Words

If you’re running product ads on Amazon, Google ads are very similar. The great thing about Google is there is more fine tuning you can do with Google Ads to promote your brand and product.

“You need your own site. You need somewhere for people to go to build your community and build a list and have assets that you own.” – Brett Curry

If you type in a product like “Samsonite Suitcase” in the search bar of Google, the product listing ads that pop up is Google Shopping. They usually are the first to pop up under your search or just to the right.

It’s really compelling as a shopper when you see the image and reviews and pricing all in one place.

To learn how you can put Google Shopping to work for you, download and listen to Brett Curry’s episode.

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