Brad Stone Amazon’s Unconventional Success Then and Now 259

Brad Stone Amazon’s Unconventional Success Then and Now

Brad Stone is the author of The Everything Store, a book about the early days of Amazon. Brad offers amazing insights into the unconventional success of Amazon then and now.

“There are parts of the company, probably where Jeff Bezos is paying the most attention, where nobody is sleeping and they are crying and they’re very stressed out.” – Brad Stone on the culture of Amazon

Writing about Amazon

Before The Everything Store was first published in 2013, Brad was a beat reporter for The New York Times. Part of his beat was Amazon, which rose to fame just around 2008.

His colleagues already had books written about Google, Facebook, and other giants online. But none wrote about Amazon. That inspired him to write about the company’s unconventional success.

Start of the Process

Because of his work, Brad was able to establish a good relationship with Amazon. As a way of introducing the book to them, he wrote a press release.

“Amazon needed to create a tighter bond with its customers and that’s what Amazon Prime gave them.” – Brad Stone

During that time, Amazon was piquing the interest of the community. It was in 2011 when Brad got the contract to write the book.

Story of The Everything Store

Brad had no idea how good of a story it was. He wanted to start with Jeff Bezos as the youngest Vice President at a Wall Street company.

“Companies are partnering to counter the threat that is Amazon.” – Brad Stone

But as the story progressed, he found so many other things that happened at the same time. Not to mention, Jeff also had a very interesting personal story. The Everything Store is actually about a vision he had while working at a firm in Wall Street.

To hear about the success of Amazon and its possible weakness, download and listen to Brad Stone Amazon’s Unconventional Success Then and Now.

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