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Why I Killed Our Newsletter

For the past couple of years, we, like many "gurus" and podcasters in the space, have sent out a weekly newsletter. Initially, the intention was pure. Provide loads of value, update people on podcasts they may have missed. Maybe give a nod…

How to Maximize Cash Flow Despite Amazon’s Two-Week Payment Delay

Selling on Amazon has a lot of perks. You get to work for yourself, set your own hours, and spend your time doing what you want to do. As we like to say here at Private Label Movement, you can live life…

This Simple Trick Increased My Email Open Rates by 50%

Automated Email Services Most of us use automated email services, like Overgrowth, to communicate with buyers of our products on Amazon. Even with recent changes that make it easier for buyers to opt-out of these kinds of messages, it is still one…

Becoming an Amazon Superhero – Selling Wholesale on Amazon

Most people know me as someone who has, over the past couple of years, created multiple six and seven figure brands selling private label products on Amazon. What many people don't know, however, is that a big portion of our sales today…
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How I Reduced My Listing Creation Time From 40 Hours to 40 Minutes

It is the lifeblood of any e-commerce business: new products. All the smart sellers are continuously looking for new opportunities to add products to their mix, and keep sales on an upward trajectory. Over the past three years, I've launched somewhere between…

The Magic of Influencer Traffic – How Driving Warm Referral Traffic to your Amazon Product Listing will 10x your Keyword Rankings, Conversions and Sales

How important are influencers, and their recommendations, to physical products -- whether they be sold on Amazon or any other platform? How important are influencers to anything in business, really? The short answer: very important. Right now, our organization is hiring for…
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Why Private Label Movement

It was August of 2016. I was visiting my parents, who had a few friends over at their house, when my Dad said to me “Kevin, tell them about that thing you’re doing”. As someone who has seen my business endeavors grow…
Private Label Movement - The Amazon Seller's Debt Trap

The Amazon Seller’s Debt Trap

How to get out of the Amazon Seller’s Debt Trap As you kill it in your Amazon business, are you carrying a mountain of debt that only gets heavier as you grow, with higher and higher monthly payments every time you refinance?…
Private Label Movement - Financing Options

Financing Options for Private Label Sellers

Private label sellers selling direct to consumer on Amazon have a unique opportunity and some unique challenges that come along with it. Specifically addressing financing challenges, private label sellers are tasked with: Larger upfront costs to design the product and produce inventory.…