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Big Thanks from Kevin Rizer

Today on Private Label Movement, Kevin sends his warmest thanks to all of you who tuned in and stayed with him throughout those 2 and a half years in the podcasting industry. What’s next? Listen to this important announcement!

“It was a difficult decision to come to, but I know that it is the right decision for me, my family, my friends, and my business.” – Kevin Rizer

Successes from Podcast to Movement

Kevin never imagined that he’d reach this far in his podcasting journey. From Private Label Podcast to Private Label Movement, more than 250 episodes have been released, nearly 1.5 million downloads, and millions more of reach through social media and events.

Thankful for Everything

The journey also provided a couple of treats and privileges. It paved the way for Kevin to meet and share the stories of private label sellers. It also allowed him to travel the globe and opened doors for business opportunities.

“I am incredibly grateful that you have let me into your life and that you shared with me your stories, successes, and sometimes your failures.” – Kevin Rizer

Kevin is grateful to everyone he’s met and worked with in the journey. Recently in the Seller Awards, Private Label Movement was voted as Best Podcast of 2017.

The Private Label Movement Continues

Today, Kevin releases a very important announcement. The time has come for the Private Label Movement podcast to sign off from the public arena.

“While this is the end of a podcast, this is not the end of a movement.” – Kevin Rizer

Again, thank you all so much for everything! Kevin wishes to focus on the businesses he’s built, spend more time with his family, and perhaps also develop new hobbies. Furthermore, he hopes to stay in touch with you all and see you achieving more wins on your own journey to success.

To find out more about the Private Label Movement journey and announcement, download and listen to Big Thanks from Kevin Rizer.

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