Best of 2017 Private Label Movement Podcasts 265

Best of 2017 Private Label Movement Podcasts

It’s been a great year at Private Label Movement. We’re winding down the last two weeks of 2017 with some of the best information from our guests.

“I wanted to take a look back and bring you some of my favorite moments, favorite episodes from the year.” – Kevin Rizer introducing Parts 1 and 2 of the Best of 2017 Private Label Movement Podcasts

Popular Topics in the Industry

Two of the popular topics in e-commerce take the center stage for today’s episode. They are Amazon reimbursements and intellectual property. Featured guests are Karen Ellenberger and Maria Speth.

On Amazon Reimbursements

Karen Ellenberger started during the early days of Amazon. She analyzes data to help other sellers primarily with optimal reimbursement management.

“There is no better place to launch a business with very little resources (than Amazon).” – Karen Ellenberger

According to her, the total size depends on the seller’s account. There are things that impact the loss of damaged items. Among which is the category of the item being sold.

On Brand Registry and Trademark

Maria Speth is a trademark attorney. She specializes in intellectual property for online sellers.

“Litigation is ugly, it’s expensive. It’s not where you want to be.” – Maria Speth on the power of prevention

According to Maria, a seller should think about intellectual property right from the start. The earlier it is done, the better. This is because litigation isn’t just expensive; it also takes away time from your business.

To hear about reimbursements and intellectual property from Karen Ellenberger and Maria Speth, download and listen to the Best of 2017 Private Label Movement Podcasts.

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