Best of 2017 Private Label Movement Podcasts Part 2 267

Best of 2017 Private Label Movement Podcasts

It’s been a great year at Private Label Movement. We’re winding down the last two weeks of 2017 with some of the best guests with amazing insights for growing your business in 2018!

Focus on Culture and the Influencers

Today, we are featuring the episodes we had with two successful sellers Kevin Pasco and Brian Burt. Kevin finds his satisfaction from having the best team. Brian, on the other hand, achieved success through his partnerships with influencers for his product.

Hiring a Culture of Success

According to Kevin Pasco, hiring a culture is one of the best things they’ve done. They attracted people from Fortune 500 companies to work with them.

“Sometimes you have to step back, realize it’s the wrong decision and scrap it.” – Kevin Pasco on business focus

Kevin learned a lot from the Silicon Valley. He shares that the great thing about what they are doing is it allows them to learn for free from the big companies.

Winning with Influencers

Brian Burt leveraged influencer marketing for their product. They were selling selfie sticks. For that, they reached out to about a dozen influencers.

“The key to Amazon success in today’s market is external influencers.” – Brian Burt

About 5 of 6 of the influencers agreed. They did it without any fees. With the increase in conversions, Brian also saw an increase in rankings.

To hear about influencer marketing and hiring the best culture from Brian Burt and Kevin Pasco, download and listen to the Best of 2017 Private Label Movement Podcasts Part 2.

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