PLM 205 Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand #1

Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand #1

In this episode, Kevin explains the reason behind the re-branding of the show to Private Label Movement. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce you to the team and techniques as we go Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand.

Welcome to the Private Label Movement

Kevin sends his warmest thanks to you all for joining him in the new Private Label Movement. In the next few weeks, you’ll hear about the amazing people who helped make this show possible.

Every business needs branding. At some point, you might consider having your own rebrand as well. For that, the Private Label Movement can serve as your inspiration and blueprint.

The Need for a Rebrand

It all started in August, 2016 when Kevin visited his parents. They had some friends over, and asked Kevin to share to them his podcast. Inspiration hit him when one of his dad’s friends told him that it sounded like a movement.

That’s when Kevin knew he needed a rebrand. The name of his podcast was no longer enough to describe it.

Teamwork Pays Off

Kevin started asking people for their thoughts about the rebrand. They thought it was great. Kevin believes that it can be lonely and dangerous to be unable to make the best decisions only because you decided it by yourself.

Karen Hardie helped him assemble the team. And, they just started by thinking all kinds of possibilities to accomplish.

Upcoming Events

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